What Is Bonded House Cleaning?

When hiring a cleaning company, you need to ensure that you are protected against any damage to your property. You need bonded house cleaning services. Bonded house cleaning is a cleaning service that ensures both the workers and customers. It protects them against loss, damage, and any other cost-inducing accidents. Hiring a bonded cleaning service is the best way to ensure that your property is safe and that both parties are free from liability issues. 

Licensed and Bonded

Several states require cleaning companies to be licensed and bonded to advertise legally as a cleaning company. Companies that go the extra mile to get licensed and bonded are active.

As for licensing, while there is no specific license to be a property cleaner, a good company will acquire a legitimate business license. It is an indicator of a ‘real’ business. Licensing for a property cleaning service varies from state to state. Therefore, before you hire a cleaning service, ensure that you have read state law on licensing. The license ensures that you have a legitimate service and not a short-cut-taking organization that will disappear the minute a problem arises. 

Moreover, many licensed cleaning services also find ways to get certified so they can operate better. Certification is a bonus as employees will be able to handle cleaning equipment, and supplies well. 

Types of Bonded Cleaning

There are two main types of bonded house cleaning; surety bonding and fidelity insurance. Surety bonding is a policy that states that in case the cleaners do not complete the job, the company has to refund the client enough funds to hire another company or cleaner to get the job done. This often applies to large cleaning jobs hut it is also helpful to homeowners.

Fidelity insurance, on the other hand, is also known as employee dishonesty or a crime policy. It offers coverage for any lost money, valuables, securities, and damage of property by the employees of the cleaning company. In the vent of theft, this insurance ensures that the company will cover your losses. 

Importance of Bonded House Cleaning

It is essential for several reasons. A study revealed that over 40% of all theft claims are as a result of house cleaning services. The percentage is even higher when it comes to damaged property and possessions. You need to protect your possessions from theft and damage. If something happens, they will cover the cost according to the policy.

Hiring a professional company that is bonded also ensures that you know who is your house. Most bonded cleaning companies carry out background checks on their employees to ensure that no criminals enter the workplace.  

Moreover, a company that strives to protect its employees, and clients is an indication that they can address any needs you may have efficiently. 

When selecting cleaning services, be sure to go for the company that is bonded. Not only will they ensure that you are satisfied, but also make an effort to protect your items and leave your property as they found it.